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Making it possible to move your jaw up and down for chewing and for various other movements, there is the temporomandibular joint between the mandible and the temporal bone around the point of the ear. The temporomandibular joint has been of much benefit for variety of muscular and bony movements, so that in cases of joint disorders, there is the superimposition of temporomandibular joint syndrome. Being a hinge joint, there is already restricted movement at this point and hence any kind of injury to the jaw, traumatic injury to the teeth and infectious reasons could lead to inflammation of the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues around the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint).

TMJD, TMJ Treatment In India, TMJ Dentist In India, TMJ disorder treatment in India, TMJ pain treatment in IndiaThese are commonly afflicted causes of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJD) and syndromes, for which people need to come to the dental clinic in Delhi and our expert Dentists can help relieve the pain and the root causes of these syndromes. For people having TMJD, it becomes necessary to seek clinical advice because there are symptoms of pain in and around the jaw muscles and temporomandibular joint space, ear pain by the radiating nature and proximity to the TMJ and sometimes stiff joint and headaches. On arriving at our dental clinic in South Delhi, patients are immediately subjected to the necessary TMJ treatment in India, with proper care and assessment of the case. Since the underlying causes of this kind of disorder can be quite varied, it is always better to check out the problem with the dentist, so that the best possible treatment can be provided.

Symptoms of having temporomandibular joint syndrome

When there is affliction of the muscles and soft tissues around the temporomandibular joint, people find this condition to be painful, which is one of the most important symptoms. The pain is quite specific at the point of the joint, just around the ear and hence the patient feels pain across various parts present around this joint. Sometimes, there is referred headache due to involvement of the nerves present at the jaw and this is mostly radiating or pinching in nature.

As an after effect of pain at the temporomandibular joint space, there are other symptoms found in such patients and presenting symptoms at our clinic in South Delhi. Jaw muscles are usually involved in the inflammatory process, whereby there is difficulty in movement of these muscles. There may be pain at the entire extent of the muscles, extending across the total jaw and facial region. Stiffness of these muscles is quite common due to irritating spasms whenever the movement of the jaw is done.

Locking is one very important feature marked in cases of temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms, which has lead to plenty of presentations in our clinic for TMJ treatment in India, especially in the region of South Delhi. In such patients, they feel that there is a sound whenever a sudden movement is being attempted for which the joint doesn’t open and there are also no other movements possible. Strong mastication of the muscles also leads to spasm, thereby making spasmodic attacks as one of the oft presented complaints by the patients.

Apart from painful and spasmodic conditions, there are other associated symptoms found in many of the patients, such as tinnitus, diminished auditory acuity and dizziness. There are many such complaints which have been found with the temporomandibular joint diseases, all of which can be effectively diagnosed and treated at Zental.

Possible causes leading to TMJD

TMJD or temporomandibular joint disease is rather a syndrome than a single factor disease, which leads to some symptoms. These are caused due to environmental conditions, genetic and sometimes due to anatomical aspects. Our dentist in South Delhi has been able to handle thousands of such patients, complaining of symptoms of temporomandibular joint diseases, identifying such causes, which will enable people to have relief from such problems.

Although TMJ disorders do not run directly in families like that of diabetes or other familial conditions, still some genes are nowadays being implicated for the development of the conditions. The picture for such problems has not yet been highly clear.

Traumatic causes for TMJD are actually the most commonest, followed by the problems in the teeth and mastication. Trauma can be accrued by having teeth grinding movement, clenching teeth building up high pressure, sudden jerky movement of the disc between the bony prominences of the joints and repeated movements of the facial and jaw muscles. While some people may think that these are very small movements to create such actions, the muscles of mastication actually create huge pressures on the joint, thereby providing every chance for their damage.

Arthritis and inflammatory conditions affecting the bones and joints in the TMJ region are also causes of people seeking TMJ treatment in Delhi. This becomes an important aspect of many symptoms for which people seek TMJ pain treatment in India.

Management of TMJD

At Zental, you will be guided by our dentist in South Delhi to overcome the problems due to the temporomandibular joint disorders. Most of the symptoms can be tackled by removing the cause behind such a problem, while psychosocial and behavioural interventions can relieve patients from these issues. So, in any kind of issue faced by you concerning the temporomandibular joint, get the advice from the dentist in Delhi, who will guide you on the right methods of TMJ treatment in India.

Various research papers have shown that the TMJ pain treatment in India can be successful by providing cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and relaxation techniques. These are useful for relaxing the muscles of mastication and lower the stimuli responsible for causing the stress and spasm of the muscles.

In some cases, occlusal splints can be used, which will prevent the excessive biting or stress due to the bite. Using hot and cold fomentation from over the mouth can be useful for the condition. Such fomentation techniques can be very useful in coming up with home remedies for the pain at TMJ.

Antispasmodic and muscle relaxation and analgesic drugs are commonly provided to relieve the pain. Soft food and light movement of the jaw is to be followed.

As required by patients and assessed by the dentists, the TMJ treatment in India can be done by the means of surgical interventions, which the dentists in Delhi can do with collaboration of surgeons and cosmetic surgery specialists.

As a dentist, experienced in matters of TMJ joints, it is possible to get the best treatment if there are abnormalities of the teeth alignment. Since this can contribute to the problems of TMJ, it would be in the best interest of the patients to come to our clinic at Zental and get TMJ treatment in India, particularly at Zental in South Delhi.

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