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Root Canal Treatment In Delhi

People go to the dentists usually when they find that there is toothache or there is blackening of a part of their teeth. While many of these cases are solved by the dentist in South Delhi with simple analgesics or rubbing off the caries part, there is a common procedure for many patients having infections in the tooth or in the gum. This may present in the form of abscess or swollen gums with intense sensitivity towards hot and cold. Root canal treatment in Delhi is done for many patients at Zental, which is one of the leading dental clinics in Delhi, especially in the South Delhi region. It would be an interesting read to know more about the symptoms leading to the procedure, the advantages and the types of root canal treatments being done in dental clinic in South Delhi.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal system of a tooth is present inside the dentin, with most of it passing into the gums and not visible to the outside.It is sealed very tightly from the inside of the oral cavity by the enamel covering the top of the tooth.But, within the roots of the tooth are small canals, through which the soft connective tissues pass, including the blood vessels

and nerves. Gradually, with the growth of the tooth, the pulp is completely covered. In the complete maturation of the tooth, the process of chewing is the primary function, while there is almost no use of the connective tissue. When this canal is affected by infections, there is direct connectivity with the gums, which are also involved with gradual formation of root abscess, which lies in the gums. This abscess may gradually pass into the body socket in which the tooth is fixated, so that there is further destruction of the bone. In such scenarios, there is more damage to the tooth and the bone below it, mandating a dental procedure, which goes by the name of Root Canal Treatment or Therapy or RCT. At Zental, the dental clinic in South Delhi, RCT is done with the best results. In this procedure, the pulp cavity is freed of the infection and the damaged soft tissue, so that all the purulent materials are removed and the best aseptic environment is created after which the cavity is filled up with inert substances and sealed from the top by crown.

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Conditions in which root canal gets infected and the possible symptoms mandating root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment In Delhi, RCT, root canal therapy in Delhi, RCT procedure in delhi, dentist in Delhi, root canal treatment cost in DelhiReasons for the formation of abscess and the infection can be many. If someone is having repeated decay of the tooth, it may ultimately affect the soft connective tissue in the pulp and lead to abscess. Repeated dental procedures or large fillings that give away and trauma to the teeth, can also be the causes of abscess formation below the roots, which lead to the symptoms of pain and inflamed gums.

Possible symptoms or conditions that are indicative of the requirement of root canal treatment are sometimes present. Even, without the presence of any clear symptoms, there may be need of root canal treatment. Usually, pain is one of the commonest symptoms which will require the procedure of RCT to be done. In the dental clinic in Delhi, many people present with the symptoms of pain while chewing or without any stimulation, sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures and swelling and tenderness in the gum region. Sometimes, darkening of the tooth can also be the possible presentation in patients visiting our clinic in South Delhi.

Process of root canal treatment

When patients present with the above mentioned symptoms in our clinic, our dental experts check out the tooth and the surrounding region. A through dental check up is done by the endodontist or dental surgeon and any possible signs of infection like pain and tenderness of the said tooth is elicited. This is an indication of infection, the degree of spread being noted by the colouration, pain and swelling.

Initially, the abscess is tried to be drained if visible swelling is present. Sometimes temperature is accompanying such presentation. An x-ray of the teeth region is done, which will show the possible spread of the abscess and the condition of the underlying bone. The picture will also decide about the degree of clearing of the infection during the root canal therapy in Delhi.

At our clinic Zental, we aim at providing the best possible treatment with expert hands. So, root canal therapy in Delhi is done in such a way that the fear of pain in root canal treatment is completely removed. It is more a procedure for removing the pain and sensitivity rather than causing pain. During the procedure, the dentist administers local anaesthetic injections, which further reduces any procedural pain and also relaxes the patients. There are some manoeuvres, which will be helpful for the removal of the infection inside the tooth pulp cavity and in the gums, thereby helping the patient get relief from the symptoms to a large extent and all these processes can be carried out in one or two sittings.

The procedure of root canal treatment

Pre-RCT steps – In most of the cases, an antibiotic is prescribed if there is swelling, redness and pain and an abscess cavity below the root as found in the x-ray. A few days of antibiotic and analgesic will prep the patient so that the infection is mostly corrected, while the RCT procedure will help in removal of the dead and necrotic tissue.

The process of root canal treatment in Delhi in our clinic starts with the administration of local anaesthesia in the tooth region and the gums below the affected tooth. This also helps in removal of pain to some extent, if there is some pain persisting.

After removal of the crown, or by drilling hole in the enamel, the dead tissue of the pulp is removed. This is done by using slender files, such as H or K files and the nerve and blood vessels are removed. Usually, this is done by using probes of smaller sizes and gradually widening the cavity. Debris is also removed by putting in irrigating solutions inside the canal, so that remaining dead issues and infected parts are cleansed. The abscess at the base of the roots is also drained through these canals or through a cut at the side of the gums, depending on the position.

Next step involves the filling up of these canals with inert materials or permanent filling substances so as to seal the canals permanently. Gutta-percha is a rubber like material, which helps in proper sealing and used in our clinic in South Delhi. It is compressed into the canals and a sealant is placed on the top to prevent the material to come out.

Thereafter, the crown is placed which is formed from gold or ceramic. If there is enough tooth structure, it requires less material to fill up the upper part of the sealed canals or else the dentist at Zental has to fix up a crown. The molars and premolars will usually require the crown because of their large sizes and due to their use for chewing. Additional prosthetic materials like veneers or implants and dentures may be required for teeth which are having major destruction. This kind of decision is taken by our dentist on an individualised basis.

Benefits of having root canal treatment

Looking at the indications of root canal treatment, the root canal therapy in Delhi is done to alleviate these symptoms. In maximum cases, such a procedure is a success because the endodontists at Zental are highly experienced in carrying out the RCT steps. There is removal of the cause of infection and any infectious debris, with proper sealing so that the affected tooth is retained but without any remaining infection. Extra antibiotic coverage is provided to remove any microbial infections. To a great extent, the success depends on the expertise and experience of the dentist in Delhi.

To carry out the procedure, the root canal treatment cost in Delhi in our clinic is very reasonable and will depend on the tooth which is under RCT and the number of sittings. But, on the whole, it would be a reasonable expense on part of our patients, because they will be subjected to most comfortable environment and the best therapies that are available in this field of dental surgery.

After the procedure, patients are followed up by our dentists, along with advice for good oral hygiene and proper brushing and flossing techniques. With the RCT completed in our dental clinic in South Delhi, our patients report back about the durability of these materials and also say a few words in which the root canal treatment in Delhi has been the best of the procedures.

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