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Dr. Sharda Arora (25 Year Experience)

Specialty : Implantologist and Cosmetologist

Location : New Delhi, India

Dr. Sharda Arora is a leading Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Implantologist of Delhi, practicing in Gulmohar Park for last 20 years. She has also worked with India’s most leading dentist Dr. Col. S.S.Duggal for 10 years at G.K-1. Dr. Col.S.S. Duggal was the founder of New Delhi Armed forces Dental Center and was adorned by “Sword of Honor” by the then Bhutan King, and various Shields by rulers of many other Nations for being their personal dentist, commissioned by Indian Army on recommendation of Indian Government.. Dr Sharda’s Patient’s list has names of patients, who are “Who’s who” of Delhi. From Top Film Stars, to Industrialists, to Cricket stars, she is a winner of more than 20 gold medals in various areas of Dentistry. Her Clinic is adorned with space age machinery, and is touted as India’s technologically most advanced Dental Center- Zental Dental Center.

What is unique to us in Implantology at Zental Dental?

Mid treatment 3D x-rays ( Only available with us in the country) allows us to do implants without cuts and sutures hence Key Hole Surgery (Flap less), Least Chance of INFECTION/ Bleeding/Contamination, just a pinhole punch to place the implant. Hence, recovery is super quick (one doesn’t need to even stop blood thinners even if one is taking them. )

  • Minimal requirements of pain killers.
  • Bone loss is negligible which often takes place after one does a surgical placement of implant.
  • No accidental damage to Nerves or Sinus punctures.
  • one piece implant has best possibility of placement.
  • Right Size of Implant Possible.

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We have maximum no of Implant systems under one roof…i.e about 25 different systems which include cheapest…to the finest ones. But we specialize in ONE PIECE IMPLANTS with FLAPLESS (Minimal Surgery). This is possible because of 3 D X-ray machine that we are the only ones to have in the country;

Dental Implant by Dr. Sharda Arora

We 95 % of times would prefer one piece implants (rests are two piece implants i.e. they have a screw between two parts of the implant). This screw or even other modality called Morse Taper has a tendency to loosen from time to time putting patient at great unease, repeat appointment, screw breakage which mostly requires cutting of the implant which leads to great loss of bone around the implant and an extended complicated surgery. However, two piece implant gives advantage of the doctor of correcting the angle later as the second piece can be placed at an angle from zero degree to 33 degree. Our clinic is equipped with 3D x-ray which allows us to take a 3D image of the implant during the middle of the treatment which is not possible even in a CT scan also. This allows us to adjust the direction of the one piece implant during its placement

“So now you are in Safe Secure and Skilled Hands of Zental Dentist”.

Now Zental name comes from “Zen” philosophy. And you must go through the patient testimonials and they would swear by Dr Sharda Arora’s Lord Buddha like calmness and control over her instrumentation. She is also gifted with ten perfect circles in her finger prints like Lord Buddha. You are bound to fall in love with her soul. In fact the name Zental was coined a patient after he was so impressed by her personality. A creative wizard, he gifted her with complete interiors and creative designing of her clinic after rechristening it as Zental. She may the dentist who receives most number of gifts from her patients. Ready for an experience?- Dr Sanjay Arora.(Her Husband)

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