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Cosmetic Dentistry In Delhi

Smiling faces are recognised by the brightly shining array of teeth, which adds to the personality of an individual. This is a fact that can be vouched for by the patients to our cosmetic dental clinic in Delhi, where cosmetic dentistry procedures are properly done for them. You can arrive at Zental in Delhi and get the best and most advanced cosmetic procedures from the experienced cosmetic dentist in Delhi. Such procedures can restore any chipped teeth, remove stains to whiten the teeth, get crowns and bridges and give the best looks to your set of teeth.

Cosmetic dental clinic in South Delhi works on the aesthetic aspect of the smile and dentition, which allows people to have a bright and regular set of teeth, with proper chewing capabilities. On the whole, it is a stream of dentistry, which concentrates more on

the value of your smile rather than specific scientific procedure. Our dentist in South Delhi will work on all the necessary steps to bring about cosmetic changes to the teeth, from the various possible procedures available in such field.

What is cosmetic dentistry and its spectrum?

Teeth Whitening In Delhi, Inlays and onlays, Tooth bonding, Composite and porcelain veneers, Gum contouring, Crowns and bridges, InvisalignCosmetic dentistry is a part of the dental treatments, although in this particular field, there may be no disease or minor problems associated. In this kind of dentistry, the work done is to restore and correct any abnormalities of physical nature, or repairing of missing teeth, along with other steps so as to provide a regular, white and straight set of teeth, which appears aesthetically beautiful. Cosmetic dentist in Delhi can perform the necessary processes from a wide range of procedures, depending on the requirements of the patient and hence the services by our cosmetic dental clinic in Delhi is highly individualised and customised

A practitioner of cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be necessarily from any particular specialisation of dental science, although it helps to know various modern techniques. Our dentists in Zental have not only competed Masters Degree in Endodontics and other streams, but have undergone various courses in cosmetic dentistry procedures along with having experience at the highest levels to be able to give our patients the best guidance and treatments at very reasonable costs and minimum trauma.

Who will require cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Without being very strict about patients seeking some dental procedures, we at Zental try to educate our visitors about having regular teeth, proper biting and having bright white teeth. Although dental filings are nowadays included under cosmetic dentistry, we help our patients gain more with the procedures carried out by our dentists. Hence, anyone can go for dental cosmetic procedures, out of the huge spectrum because almost everyone has some or the other problem in the appearance of the teeth, which if improved, can give a different look to their face and smile. So, people having stained teeth, chipped and broken teeth, irregular teeth and caries teeth can go for the cosmetic dentistry procedures, which are also of varied types.

Various procedures involved in Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the technological advancements and dental materials simulating the natural teeth, various conservative techniques can be used to restore teeth and rebuild any disparities. There are laser techniques also involved in such procedures. Smile makeovers are also done by our dentist in South Delhi, so that people get the best appearances of their teeth.

Teeth Whitening In Delhi, Inlays and onlays, Tooth bonding, Composite and porcelain veneers Inlays and onlays, Tooth bonding, Composite and porcelain veneers, Gum contouring, Crowns and bridges, Invisalign
  • Teeth Whitening - Among the various ways in which smile can be brightened, Teeth Whitening is perhaps the most common procedure being practised in our dental clinic in Delhi. This also is an inexpensive way to give shining teeth to the patients, with either laser technique or by bleaching. The method of bleaching involves the use of certain chemicals, which will break the bond inside the stained materials and give the teeth white colour. It can be done in the dentist’s chair, or some toothpaste can be applied on a regular basis. For externally applied stain by tobacco or wine or coffee and tea, this is a very good procedure for people to get back their shine. It is a very simple process and can remove the yellowish or brownish discolouration quite easily, without burning a hole in the patient’s pockets.
  • Inlays and onlays – For decayed tooth, it is necessary to have the portions filled up with artificial materials, which almost resembles the tooth colour. Hence, ceramic and porcelain materials are used for inlays and onlays, which although are having the same procedures, differ slightly in the areas which are filled up. In inlays, the inside of the decayed or cavity of the tooth is filled up, while onlays are half of the replacement done for teeth structure, especially when complete crowning is not necessary. In our dental clinic in South Delhi, our dentist can provide these conservative dentistry procedures. To give an almost similar appearance for the tooth, these are quite economical and effective solutions.
  • Tooth bonding – When our patients have chipped tooth or half broken teeth, then the bonding material is applied to give the complete formation of the tooth. This is done by our dentist in South Delhi at Zental, by using fine materials, after roughening and prepping the surface of the teeth on which the bonding is to be adhered. These are done for cosmetic effects, using resin or composite materials. Being less expensive and quick procedures, tooth bonding is quite a common procedure for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Another good thing about tooth bonding is that it can be carried out with other procedures like teeth whitening, crown making and bridges.
  • Composite and porcelain veneers – Custom made very thin laminates made of composite materials or porcelain are nowadays being used to put over the teeth, which has lots of chips or stains, so that it is covered properly to give the external appearance of a bright and white tooth or teeth. They can also be used to close the gap between two teeth, or increase the size of a small but fully grown tooth. Since they are usually of the colour of the tooth, they are readily acceptable for cosmetic dental clinic in South Delhi. Apart from teeth whitening, this procedure is in high demand in our clinic, due to the low cost methods and within good quality.
  • Gum contouring – Many people are seen having their gums overcrowding or extending into the teeth, more than the normal extent. This gives somewhat bad appearance to the teeth, so that they visit our cosmetic dentist in Delhi. With laser beams, it is possible in our dental clinic to remove the gum by the method of cauterisation, so that there is bloodless removal, precise cutting and no damages to the teeth surfaces. Since there is highly advanced laser machine being used in this procedure, gum contouring is done as part of the cosmetic procedures, without a number of sittings and quick healing.
  • Crowns and bridges – To keep the few teeth near each other, in close proximity, crowns and bridges are also included under cosmetic dentistry. This is done in our dental clinic in South Delhi for covering the crown and bridging the nearby teeth with porcelain and composite materials, thereby giving the proper appearance for the teeth.
  • Dental implants – Although dental implants are being done as a full fledged independent procedure for the missing tooth or teeth, cosmetic dentist in Delhi also uses the dental implants to cover the missing tooth as part of the dental cosmetic procedures. These are of the same colour as that of the original tooth, thereby adding to the cosmetic procedure.
  • Invisalign – Braces are being used nowadays for orthodontic procedures, where misaligned teeth are brought into proper size. In such a process, the invisalign is used to cover the teeth, so that the pressure created will align the teeth and make these regular. The advantage of such tool is that these are almost invisible when fixed over the teeth and highly effective if people can afford the process.


Besides all these methods described, it is also possible to give the best treatment for smaller problems as well as larger teeth malformations, by proper planning of the particular case. In such situations, people coming to our dental clinic in South Delhi get the best treatments and in a very individualised manner. This allows people to go for the cosmetic dentistry at Zental with confidence and worth their time and money. Choosing the cosmetic dentist and cosmetic dental clinic in Delhi doesn’t pose much of a problem, because our clinic is well known in the neighbourhood. Also, the world of mouth of all the successfully operated and treated patients impresses others about our work ethics, highly advanced tools and the best possible treatments. In this way, not only have we come to be noted as a leading dental clinic in Delhi, but the patients for cosmetic dentistry are having faith on our cosmetic dental clinic in Delhi and cosmetic dentist in Delhi.

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